National Humanities Institute

Your Planned Gift Can Help NHI—and You Too

You can use any number of tax-advantaged financial tools to support NHI and its mission of cultural renewal. At the same time, these tools return benefits to you and your family. For instance:

You can make a tax-free gift from your IRA.

You can give NHI appreciated securities, which could cost you less than the tax deduction you would receive for a regular donation of equal value.

You can make a gift to NHI of assets that you perhaps no longer need or want, such as an art collection, a second home, land, or a life insurance policy.

You can get creative and realize tax advantages by selling NHI property at a charitable discount, deeding to NHI your home while you continue to live there, or even by making a gift that pays back to you income for the rest of your life.

For more information about these and other planned-giving vehicles, please contact your tax advisor and attorney. If you then decide to proceed and would like to discuss the possibility of a planned gift with NHI, please contact:

Joseph Baldacchino, President
National Humanities Institute
Post Office Box 1387
Bowie, Maryland 20718-1387

Phone: 301.464.4277

Updated 19 April 2010