HUMANITASVolume X, No. 2, 1997 

Notes on Contributors

Jan Olof Bengtsson is a Doctoral Candidate in the History of Ideas at Lund University.

Raichel Le Goff, a veteran researcher for Studio Veritas, is completing the Doctor of Philosophy degree in the History of Art Department, Oxford University.

Jacob Neusner is Professor of Religious Studieas at the University of South Florida.

Gabriel R. Ricci teaches in the Department of Philosophy at Elizabethtown College.

Claes G. Ryn is Professor of Politics at The Catholic University of America, Chairman of the National Humanities Institute, and Editor of Humanitas.

T. W. Stanford, III, is a doctoral student in English at The Catholic University of America.

John M. Vella is Director of Publications at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and Managing Editor of Modern Age.

Peter Viereck is a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and Professor Emeritus of History at Mount Holyoke College.

Michael A. Weinstein is Professor of Political Science at Purdue University.

Updated 8 April 2000