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Literature and the American College: Essays in Defense of the Humanities
by Irving Babbitt. With a comprehensive new Introduction by Russell Kirk . . . a book . . . approaching its centenary, but so solid are its substance and implications that it barely shows its age. . . . What Babbitt has to say about the classics and the ancients, American civilization and character still deserves to be known and pondered by all those interested in education.''—Milton Hindus, Brandeis University.  ISBN 0-932738-01-5, Cloth, 228 pp., $12.00

Economics and the Moral Order
by Joseph Baldacchino. This succinct but illuminating monograph defends the free market while criticizing a narrowly economistic understanding of man and society. A sound economy has ethical and cultural prerequisites that are integral to its survival.  ISBN 0-932783-00-7, Paper, 43 pp., $6.00

Educating for Virtue
edited by Joseph Baldacchino. Five scholars address one of the most pressing issues of our time: the relationship between education and the development of moral character. Essays by Claes G. Ryn, Russell Kirk, Paul Gottfried, Peter J. Stanlis, and Solveig Eggerz. ISBN 0-932783-02-3, Paper, 114 pp., $7.00

Will, Imagination and Reason
by Claes G. Ryn. Standing in a great European intellectual tradition, this work of synthetic and creative scholarship offers a penetrating analysis of the preconditions for a revival of Western life and letters. Draws on Irving Babbitt, Benedetto Croce and others to present a new understanding of reality and knowledge.   ". . . an excellent book, written with clarity, learned judiciousness and yet with a kind of passionate urgency.''—Modern Language Notes ". . . a brilliantly original researcher.''—Peter Viereck   ". . . a real thinker and real writer."—Eliseo Vivas.  ISBN 0-89526-579-6, Cloth, 228 pp., $15.00

Irving Babbitt in Our Time
edited by George A. Panichas and Claes G. Ryn. A reconsideration and critical reassessment of the work of Irving Babbitt and demonstration of Babbitt's relevance to contemporary criticism. Essays by ten recognized scholars. ISBN 0-8132-0625-1, Cloth, 256 pp., List price: $27.50, NHI price: $10.00

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