Claes G. Ryn, Chairman
Claes Ryn is Professor of Politics at The Catholic University of America where he was also RynChairman of his Department for six years. In  April 2011 the University honored him with the Achievement in Research Faculty Award. In 1992 the Graduate Students Association named him Outstanding Graduate Professor in the University. Ryn has also taught at the University of Virginia and Georgetown University. His fields of teaching and research include ethics and politics; politics and culture; and the history of Western political thought. Ryn is Editor of the academic journal Humanitas. Born and raised in Sweden, he is widely published on both sides of the Atlantic. His many books include America the Virtuous; Democracy and the Ethical Life; Will, Imagination and Reason; and The New Jacobinism: Can Democracy Survive?, each of which has received much attention and acclaim in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. Ryn's articles appear in leading journals, magazines and newspapers. He lectures widely and is a frequent guest on television and radio. In 2000 he was invited by Peking University to give a lecture series as "Distinguished Foreign Scholar." The book based on those lectures, Unity Through Diversity, was published in Chinese by Beijing University Press in 2001. Ryn was elected president of the Philadelphia Society for 2001-2002. Publications
Michael P. Federici, President
Michael Federici is Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department Federiciat Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania. He received his B.S. in economics from Elizabethtown College and his M.A. and Ph.D. in politics from The Catholic University of America. He serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Humanitas and is the author of three books, The Political Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton, The Challenge of Populism, and Eric Voegelin: The Search for Order, and the editor of the anthology Rethinking the Teaching of American History. He is president of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters.
Joseph Baldacchino, President Emeritus
Joseph Baldacchino is a Senior Scholar at NHI and Editor of the academic journal Humanitas Baldacchino and was for many years a Washington reporter and editor, in which capacity he addressed most aspects of national policy and politics but with particular emphasis on ethical and cultural issues. Baldacchino is author of Economics and the Moral Order and, with others, Irving Babbitt in Our Time, as well as editor of Educating for Virtue. His present writing project, with others, is a constitutional history of the United States entitled Who We Are: The Story of America's Constitution. Baldacchino is vice president of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters. He serves on the board of the Committee for the Republic and on the advisory board of the College of Liberal Arts at Mount St. Mary's University. Publications
Mark L. Melcher, Treasurer
Mark L. Melcher is an award-winning writer on political, economic, and cultural affairs. He is president of The Political Forum (

Board of Trustees
Edward S. Babbitt, Jr. 
New York, New York

Jameson Campaigne, Jr.
Ottawa, Illinois

Junia Doan
Midland, Michigan

Audrey Musser Murray 
Annapolis, Maryland

Bill Wichterman
Fairfax, Virginia

Academic Board
Jude P. Dougherty 
Dean Emeritus
School of Philosophy

The Catholic University of America

David C. Jordan
Professor of Government
University of Virginia

Ralph Ketcham
Professor of History Emeritus
Maxwell School
Syracuse University

Forrest McDonald 
Distinguished University Professor 
University of Alabama

Walter A. McDougall
Alloy-Ansin Professor of
International Relations
University of Pennsylvania

Jacob Neusner 
Research Professor of
Religion and Theology
Bard College

James Seaton 
Professor of English 
Michigan State University

Peter J. Stanlis 
Distinguished Professor of
Humanities Emeritus
Rockford College

Michael A. Weinstein 
Professor of Political Science 
Purdue University

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