HUMANITASVolume XXIII, Nos. 1&2, 2010 


A Walter McDougall Symposium

The Challenge Confronting
Conservatives: Sustaining
a Republic of Hustlers
,  5
Walter A. McDougall

The Old and New Testaments
in U.S. Foreign Policy:
McDougall and American Identity
,  21
Michael P. Federici

'The Backside of the Universe':
McDougall's Throes of Democracy
,  31
Richard M. Gamble

Defending America in an
Age of Hustlers, Heists, and
Unnecessary Wars: An Afterword
,  36
Walter A. McDougall

Marshall vs. Jefferson Then and Now:
How the Intellectual and Political Struggle
Over the Constitution Resonates Today
,  42
Phillip G. Henderson

The Protestant Roots of
American Civil Religion
,  78
Glenn A. Moots

Hume's 'False Philosophy' and
the Reflections of Common Life
,  108
Jonathan Allen Green

Seyla Benhabib, Wendell Berry,
and the Question of
Migrant and Refugee Rights
,  118
Ronald Osborn

Florissant Fossil Beds,
In the Brooklyn Museum,
North Park, and Carrots
,  139
Poems by Catharine Savage Brosman

Shakespeare's Critique of
Machiavellian Force, Fraud, and
Spectacle in Measure for Measure
,  144
Zdravko Planinc

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